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RSV Information:

Coloradans can help reduce transmission of RSV in several ways.

  • Stay home when you are sick, including not visiting or interacting with people who may be at higher risk, including older adults, young children, and infants.

  • Frequently wash your hands with soap and water or an alcohol-based hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol.

  • Encourage children to cover their nose and mouth with a tissue or upper arm sleeve when they cough or sneeze, throw away the tissue after they use it, and clean hands as instructed above.

  • Clean potentially contaminated surfaces, like doorknobs, tables, handrails, etc. 

  • Avoid sharing cups and eating utensils and touching your face with unwashed hands. 

  • If your child is demonstrating early signs of respiratory distress, consider taking them to their primary care doctor for evaluation.


Coloradans can find more information about RSV rates in Colorado on CDPHE’s website.

MPox Vaccine Information:

Some people who have been recently exposed to mpox (monkeypox), or are at high risk for exposure, should get a free vaccine called Jynneos. The FDA has fully approved this vaccine. Ouray County Public Health Agency currently has a limited supply of the vaccine from the federal government. 
 Getting vaccinated lowers your chance of getting mpox if you may have been exposed. The sooner an exposed person gets the vaccine, the better. The vaccine can also reduce the severity of your symptoms if you do get sick later on. People who already have symptoms of mpox (fever, rash, etc.) should not get vaccinated.

The mpox vaccine is free for those who qualify. No ID or insurance is needed to get vaccinated.

Those who currently qualify for vaccination are:

  • Anyone (any sexual orientation or gender identity) who has had close physical contact with someone who has mpox in the last 14 days.
  • Anyone (any sexual orientation or gender identity) who: 
    • Has multiple or anonymous sexual partners, or 
    • Has close physical contact with other people in a venue where anonymous or group sex may occur, or
    • Was diagnosed with gonorrhea or syphilis in the past six months, or
    • Is living with HIV, or
    • Already uses or is eligible for HIV PrEP (medication to prevent HIV, e.g. Truvada or Descovy or Apretude), or
    • Engages in commercial and/or transactional sex (e.g. sex in exchange for money, shelter, food, and other goods or needs).
  • Anyone (any sexual orientation or gender identity) identified by public health as a known high-risk contact of someone who has mpox.
  • Anyone whose sexual partner identifies with any of the above scenarios.

Anyone who meets these criteria should talk with a health care provider to determine whether vaccination is right for them.

Due to limited data on the safety and effectiveness of the Jynneos vaccine in children, Coloradans should consult with their child’s primary care provider and/or local public health agency before seeking vaccination for their child, especially for younger children. Shared decision-making between the family, the child’s health care provider, and/or the local public health agency should take into account the level of risk from the child’s exposure to mpox and risk of severe disease.

Some children may benefit from alternative options for post-exposure prophylaxis. Data shows that the Jynneos vaccine may not work well to protect infants under the age of six months from mpox illness. In these cases, public health will consult with Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the child’s primary care provider to discuss available options. 

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