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Mobile Vaccine Bus Flyer Ridgway 2-4-23 at Ouray County Fairgrounds from 10am-4pm

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***Free at-home tests federal program reopened for winter. Every U.S. household is eligible to order 4 free at-home COVID-⁠19 tests***

Flu and Omicron COVID-19 Vaccine Booster clinics available!


The brand of Omicron (Bivalent) COVID-19 vaccine offered is based on availability. You may not get the brand you requested. Both Moderna and Pfizer effectively protect you from COVID-19. CDC recommends getting the first dose available to you, regardless of brand. There is no preference of one brand over another. Coloradans aged 12 through 17 years will get Pfizer’s omicron dose at their vaccine appointment, as it is the only omicron vaccine product authorized for this age group.

***If you only want a flu shot and not a COVID-19 booster, please use the same registration form but check the box for “Additional Dose” on Page 3 and choose "Flu- Live/Intranasal"  on Page 5. ***

     Tuesday Clinics:                                               Wednesday Clinics:

                                                   Click on a date below to sign-up                                                    

       January 31                                                                                  February 1

       February 7                                                                                  February 8

       February 14                                                                                February 21 

       February 22                                                                                February 28                                                          

  • You can receive the Omicron COVID vaccine if it’s been at least two months since your last COVID vaccine. 
  • You may wait to get a COVID vaccine if you have had COVID in the last three months
  • The Moderna Omicron vaccine is approved for ages 18 years old and older who have completed both vaccines in their primary series (the first two vaccines). 
  • The Pfizer Omicron vaccine is approved for ages 12 years old and older who have completed both vaccines in their primary series

Testing is available Mon-Thurs 9am-11am and 1pm-3pm.

(Ouray Public Health observes all County holidays, and will not be open on those specified dates).

Know Your COVID-19 Community Level

COVID-19 Community Levels are a new tool to help communities decide what prevention steps to take based on the latest data. Levels can be low, medium, or high and are determined by looking at hospital beds being used, hospital admissions, and the total number of new COVID-19 cases in an area. Take precautions to protect yourself and others from COVID-19 based on the COVID-19 Community Level in your area. 

🟢people who live in green counties with low Covid levels do not need to wear masks. 
🟡people who are at high risk and live in yellow counties where there’s a medium Covid level should consult with their doctor about wearing a mask. 
🔴people who live in red counties with high Covid levels should wear masks in indoor public places and schools.

View the Community Level Map

Check to see if your at-home test kit's expiration date has been extended.


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Ouray County Public Health Agency Orders



In accordance with the CDPHE Orders, supra, including but not limited to the most recent CDPHE's March 14, 2022 Fourteenth Amended Public Health Order - 20-38 Limited Covid Restrictions, which specifies in part that "Face coverings continue to be required for patients, residents, and visitors, and medical grade face masks are required for fully vaccinated staff in emergency medical and other healthcare settings (including hospitals, ambulatory surgical centers, urgent care centers, clinics, doctors' offices, and non-urgent care medical structures) in times of medium or high community levels of COVID-19 per CDC's COVID-19 Community Levels, during outbreaks, or when otherwise required by local or state public health officials," the Board of County Commissioners recognizes the potential necessity of continued masking or face coverings for Ouray County Public Health Department facilities and functions.

Ouray County and State COVID case details may be viewed here.

  • State of Colorado COVID-19 Hotline 1-877-268-2926 is available Monday - Friday 9AM-10PM, Saturday and Sunday 9AM-5PM. Staff is trained to answer COVID-19 vaccine-related questions, provide information about the vaccine providers, and give general information about COVID-19.

COVID-19 Messaging Resources

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    • Ouray County Public Health: (970) 325-4670
    • Colorado Hotline: 1-877-462-2911
    • Colorado Vaccine Hotline: 1-877-268-2926
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