Ouray County Housing Advisory Committee

Ouray County Housing Advisory Committee (OCHAC)

Established through the Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) between the City of Ouray, the Town of Ridgway, and Ouray County Establishing a Multijurisdictional Housing Advisory Committee in 2016 and amended in 2018.  The Ouray County Housing Advisory Committee (OCHAC) is not a housing development or management body; the Committee serves only in an advisory capacity. 

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OCHAC Tasks:

  • OCHAC Five-Year Strategic Plan - In 2016, the City, Town and County tasked OCHAC with creating a Five Year Strategic Plan. The Plan was completed in 2018 after an information and data collection process. 
  • Public Forums - Together with other local and regional organizations, OCHAC frequently hosts public forums related to home renters, buyers, builders and developers, and land use and zoning regulations. Check back for announcements of upcoming forums. 
  • "Draft" OCHAC Task List
Name Jurisdiction Represented Email Appointment Date Term Expires
Don Batchelder Ouray County - Board Member (2 year term) Email Don
January 13, 2017 January 2020
Bette Maurer City of Ouray - Board Member (2 year term) maurerb@cityofouray.com January 2018 January 2020
Robb Austin Town of Ridgway - Board Member (2 year term) raustin@town.ridgway.co.us June 2019 July 2021
Andrea Sokolowski Joint Member At Large (1 year term) filled unexpired term dreasoko@gmail.com July 2018 July 2019*
Shirley Diaz Joint Member At Large (1 year term) shirleyldiaz@gmail.com January 2018 January 2020
  1.  Background/Reports
  2. What is Each Entity Doing?
  3. Financial / Funding Resources
  4. Resources for Home Seekers and Developers