Land Use Applications Under Review

Land Use Applications

  • Plat Amendment - Blue Skyy Builders, LLC has applied for a plat amendment to enlarge the building envelopes on all 4 units of Lot 108 of Fairway Pines Estates PUD, Filing No.1 (a 4 unit cluster lot at S:36, T:46, R:9) . This application is made under the provisions of Section 6.12 of the Ouray County Land use Code. (Current Status: Planning Commission review scheduled for January 19, 2021 at 4:00 PM)

  • Marijuana License Renewal & Modification of Premises: MS Support, located at 255 Melody Lane, has submitted an application for license renewal and a modification of premises. (Current Status: Complete application pending submittal.  LLA review tentatively scheduled for 2/23/2021)

Land Use Code and Ordinance Revisions

  • Ordinance and Land Use Code Revisions pertaining to Non-Commercial Camping - The Board of County Commissioners is currently reviewing possible revisions to certain sections of the Land Use Code and Ordinance 2014-001.  (Current Status: Currently being reviewed by the BOCC - please refer to published agendas for current meeting dates and times)

  • Short-Term Rental Ordinance Revisions:  The Board of County Commissioners has directed Staff to amend certain portions of the Short-term rental Ordinance. (Current Status: BOCC review pending - please refer to published agendas for official dates/times)

  • Proposed Modifications to Existing Communications Facilities