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ROAD MAINTENANCE: For the week of August 1-4: Crews will be doing dust control application on County Road 24 and 10. Crews will be cleaning up storm damage on Camp Bird Road, Yankee Boy Basin, and County Road 17 @ Corbett Creek. Reminder: Camp Bird, Yankee Boy and Imogene are CLOSED for maintenance 7:30-3:30 Mon & Tues. (8/1 & 8/2)

***County Road 17 at Corbett Creek will re-open today, August 3 at 4pm. Thank you for your patience while we have worked to clean-up the area after the mudslides.

Watch our CR-1 Chip Seal Project Video

Watch our CR-1 Build-up Project Video

2022 Dust Control Operations Schedule

Road & Bridge is currently in the middle of the first of seven routes (“Product 1” – orange route); we’ve completed Camp Bird Road, we’re now on CR-14, and we’ll likely make it to CR-17 by the end of the day.  We will next move on to “Product 2” – blue route.  

Each route will take approximately 1.5-2.0 weeks to complete – as weather and operational requirements will permit. 

We are testing seven (7) different products this year – not all contain magnesium chloride – so we’re calling these treatments “dust control” vs “mag chloride.” 

We will likely pause dust control treatments for a month (mid-June thru mid-July) while we build-up and chip seal the northernmost 2.0 miles of the unpaved portion of CR-1.

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Dust Control Spreadsheet

Current updates on plowing of Ouray County High County Roads

Be sure to check with neighboring counties for updates on their roads.



The Ouray County Road and Bridge Department is responsible for constructing, maintaining, and snow plowing roads in Ouray County. Crews maintain over 300 miles of diverse roadways in the County, from 4WD roads in the southern end of the County to highly-traveled dirt and gravel roads on Log Hill Mesa. 

The Road and Bridge Superintendent presents monthly reports to the Board of County Commissioners. 
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