Public Trustee

Public Trustee

The County Treasurer holds the office of Public Trustee and is responsible for processing Release Deeds of Trust and Foreclosures on Deeds of Trust. 

The Ouray County Public Trustee also serves as Treasurer.


  • Foreclosure deposits (to be applied to fees and expenses) - $650
  • Release Fees:
    • Release Deed of Trust First Page - $28
    • Per each additional page - $5


Release Deed of Trust

Along with the proper fee, the following is required to execute Release Deed of Trust:
  • Original note marked "paid in full", signed, and dated, or indemnification by entities as described in CRS 39-39-102.
  • Original deed of trust; if it cannot be obtained, a copy is satisfactory.
  • Notarized completed Release Deed of Trust.
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