The Ouray County Assessor's Office is responsible for discovering, listing, and valuing all real and personal property in the county. The Assessor's office is required to reappraise all real property every two years. It is the taxpayers responsibility to inform the Assessor of a change in address

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Ouray County Assessor’s Office compliant with 2023 state audit


The State Board of Equalization (SBOE) reviews assessments for conformance to the Constitution. The SBOE will order revaluations for counties whose valuations do not reflect the proper valuation period level of value.


The statutory basis for the audit is found in C.R.S. 39-1-104 (16)(a)(b) and (c).


The legislative council sets forth two criteria that are the focus of the audit group:


To determine whether each county assessor is applying correctly the constitutional and statutory provisions, compliance requirements of the State Board of Equalization, and the manuals published by the State Property Tax Administrator to arrive at the actual value of each class of property.


To determine if each assessor is applying correctly the provisions of law to the actual values when arriving at valuations for assessment of all locally valued properties subject to the property tax.


The property assessment audit conducts a two-part analysis: A procedural analysis and a statistical analysis.


The procedural analysis includes all classes of property and specifically looks at how the assessor develops economic areas, confirms and qualifies sales, and develops time adjustments. The audit also examines the procedures for adequately discovering, classifying and valuing agricultural outbuildings, discovering subdivision build-out and subdivision discounting procedures. Valuation methodology for vacant land, improved residential properties and commercial properties is examined. Procedures for

producing mines, oil and gas leaseholds and lands producing, producing coal mines, producing earth and stone products, severed mineral interests and non-producing patented mining claims are also reviewed.


Statistical analysis is performed on vacant land, residential properties, commercial industrial properties, agricultural land, and personal property. The statistical study results are compared with State Board of Equalization compliance requirements and the manuals published by the State Property Tax Administrator.


East West Econometrics Audit has completed the Property Assessment Study for 2023 and is pleased to report its findings for Ouray County in the following report.

Ouray County Property Assessment Study

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While the Assessor's Office determines the value of property, it does not set the amount of your taxes. Property taxes are are calculated from the mill levies set by the local taxing authorities and collected by the County Treasurer.

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