Board of Adjustment


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The board is comprised of three members and three associate members that serve a three-year term.

Current Members

Name & Position Appointed Term Expires
Don Bachelder, Commissioner January 2016 January 2019
Ben Tisdel, Commissioner January 2015, Reapt. January 2018 January 2021
John E. Peters January 2017 January 2020

Current Associate Members

Name & Position Appointed Term Expires
Sheelagh Williams, Planning Commission Chair January 2017 January 2019
Michelle Nauer, Clerk and Recorder January 2016 January 2019
About the Board
Established by Section 19.7 of the Ouray County Land Use Code. By Resolution 2007-017 on April 16, 2007, the Board of County Commissioners will be appointed as members for a term of three years, and the chair of the Ouray County Planning Commission and the Ouray County clerk and recorder will be appointed as associate members for a term of three years.

Amended to be the Board of Adjustment by Resolution 2012-040, which superseded Resolution 2007-017.