Board of Adjustment


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The board is comprised of three members and three associate members that serve a three-year term.

Current Members

Name & PositionAppointedTerm Expires
Jake Niece, CommissionerJanuary 2021January 2024
Michelle Nauer, CommissionerJanuary 2023January 2026
Lynn M. Padgett, CommissionerJanuary 2021January 2024

Current Associate Members

Name & PositionAppointedTerm Expires
Planning Commission ChairJanuary 2019January 2025
Clerk and RecorderJanuary 2023January 2025
About the Board
Established by Section 19.7 of the Ouray County Land Use Code. By Resolution 2007-017 on April 16, 2007, the Board of County Commissioners will be appointed as members for a term of three years, and the chair of the Ouray County Planning Commission and the Ouray County clerk and recorder will be appointed as associate members for a term of three years.

Amended to be the Board of Adjustment by Resolution 2012-040, which superseded Resolution 2007-017.