Ouray County
Land Use Code

Table of Contents
Section 1: General Provisions

Section 2: Zoning Provisions, General

Section 3: Zoning Provisions/Zoning Districts
Section 4: Zoning Provisions - Non-conforming Uses and Structures
Section 5: Special Uses Allowed By Permits Only (Except PUDs)
Section 6: Special Uses By Permits Only - Planned Unit Developments
Section 7: Improvements Standards

Section 8: Sign Regulations
Section 9: Visual Impact Review
Section 10: Flood Hazard Regulations
Section 11: Mineral Resource Regulations

Section 12: Geologic Hazard Area Regulations
Section 13: Wildlife Habitat Regulations
Section 14: Solid Waste Site Regulations
Section 15: Mobile Home Regulations

Section 16: Penalties and Violations
Section 17: Exceptions and Exemptions
Section 18: Fees
Section 19: Administration
Section 20: Amendment

Section 21: Repeat/Re-enactment
Section 22: Definitions
Section 23: Road Standards
Section 24: Wildfire Mitigation
Section 25: Vested Property Rights
Section 26: Land Dedications and Payment for Schools
Section 27: Outdoor Lighting Regulations
Section 28: Home Occupations/Businesses
Section 29: Oil and Gas Development