Off-Highway Roads in the High Country

Ouray County Off-Highway Roads

Ouray County Road and Bridge crews seasonally open and maintain several off-highway roadways and passes, including Yankee Boy, Red Mountain Town, Owl Creek Pass, Brown Mountain, Corkscrew Pass, Imogene Pass, and Engineer Pass. Crews begin to clear roadways of snow and debris in May; every effort is made to open these roadways by July 4th. Crews work in cooperation with the counties of San Miguel, San Juan, and Hinsdale, in addition to the United States Forest Service (USFS), and the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to open these roads. 

Notice Regarding High Country Off-Highway Roads - 10-17-2017

Ouray County High Country 4x4 roads will receive no further maintenance for the winter season after October 19, 2017. Snow and icy conditions may exist now, or at any time after maintenance has ceased. Travel on the 4x4 roads this time of the year is not recommended due to variable conditions and expected winter weather at high elevations. Drive at your own risk. Ouray County 4x4 Roads include: Yankee Boy Basin, Corkscrew Pass, Imogene Pass, Engineer Pass, Governor's Basin, and Owl Creek Pass.  

Safety Requirements and Regulations

Operation of off-highway vehicles (OHVs) are governed by Ouray County Ordinance 2015-001. All drivers must possess a valid licensed driver's license (with the exception of bona fide agricultural users), and the vehicle must maintain minimum liability insurance coverage. (Please note: additional safety requirements may be required by surrounding counties.) Please stay the trail, and do not disturb delicate tundra areas. 

Additional Information

Yankee Boy Basin Road Clearing Operations May 2017
Corkscrew Pass Road Clearing Operation June 2017