Marijuana Licensing Information


Marijuana related businesses are allowed in Ouray County as regulated by the State of Colorado, Marijuana Enforcement Division, and provided for in Ouray County Ordinance No. 2017-001 and permitted by the Local Licensing Authority (BOCC sitting as the Local Licensing Authority). Marijuana businesses allowed include:

  •           Marijuana Cultivation
  •           Marijuana Products Manufacturing (MIPS)
  •           Retail Marijuana Stores (dispensary)
  •           Marijuana Testing Facilities

Ouray County allows a maximum of 8 cultivation licenses. There are no open/unissued cultivation licenses at this time. (Note: All licensed cultivation facilities may or may not be operational.) No additional marijuana business licenses have been issued in the County.

If you have questions regarding State of Colorado regulations on marijuana-related businesses you are encouraged to view the State MED web page at:

If you have questions regarding marijuana-related businesses in Ouray County, or, wish to log a complaint against an existing marijuana business, please contact the Land Use Department at: (970) 626-9775. Note: Complaints regarding marijuana-related businesses may be made anonymously.

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