1. Administrator

    Learn about the functions and responsibilities of the administrator.

  2. Assessor

    Gain information about the assessor.

  3. Attorney

  4. Clerk & Recorder

    Peruse information about the clerk and recorder and the services they provide.

  5. Coroner

  6. District Attorney

  7. Emergency Management

  8. Emergency Medical Services

    View information about the Emergency Medical Services Department in the county.

  9. Fairgrounds and 4-H Event Center

    Welcome to the Ouray County Event Center web page!

  10. Finance

    Access information about the Finance Department of Ouray County.

  11. GIS: Geographic Information Systems (IT)

    Explore the community with geographic information systems (GIS).

  12. Human Resources

    Obtain contact information for the Human Resources Department, and find out what jobs are currently open.

  1. Information Technology

    The Information Technology department supports computer systems and infrastructure for Ouray County.

  2. Land Use & Planning

    Review information about land use and planning in the community.

  3. Maintenance

    Find information about the facilities and maintenance of the community.

  4. Public Health

    Get information about the Public Health Department and the services they provide to the community.

  5. Public Trustee

    Browse information about the public trustee and their responsibilities.

  6. Road & Bridge

    Learn about the Road and Bridge Department and the services they provide, including right-of-way permits, road standards, and more.

  7. Sheriff

    Read about the sheriff and the services the office provides.

  8. Social Services

    Review information about the different social services provided in the community.

  9. Treasurer

    Added slideshow

  10. Weed Control

    View information about weed control in the community.

  11. Staff Directory