Commissioner-Appointed Boards & Committees

  1. Board of Adjustment

    Learn what the Board of Adjustment does within the community.

  2. Cedar Hill Cemetery Board

    Get information about the Cedar Hill Cemetery Board.

  3. Dallas Park Cemetery Board

    Review the purpose and responsibility of the Dallas Park Cemetery Board.

  4. Fair Board

    Obtain information about the members, purpose, and responsibilities of the Fair Board.

  5. Fairgrounds Advisory Council

  6. Miscellaneous Boards & Committees

    Explore the miscellaneous board and committees that operate in the county.

  7. Planning Commission

    Read the purpose of the Planning Commission.

  8. Region 10

    Find details about the Region 10 Committee appointees.

  9. Ridgway-Ouray Area Joint Planning Boards

    Gather information about the responsibilities and services provided by the boards.

  10. Right-to-Farm Agricultural Review Board

    Peruse the mission of the Right-to-Farm Agricultural Review Board.

  11. Road Committee

    Browse the details provided on the Road Committee and their responsibilities.

  12. Transit Advisory Committee

  13. Visual Impact Review Committee

    View details about the Visual Impact Review Committee, their members, and their purpose.

  14. Weed Board

    Access information about the responsibilities of the Weed Board.